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Alexa Rank Checker is a free tool to check the popularity and ranking of any website. is a web analytics tool by Amazon. This tool is very useful to know how popular your website is, and the ranking of your website. If your site ranking goes close to number 1, the most popular the site will.

There are multiple factors that Alexa considers to calculate the website ranking. Alexa not just tell you about ranking but also give you some other detail such competitors websites and their ranking, bounce rate, rank in a specific country, top keywords, the geography of the audience, traffic sources, and other such information.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is the estimation of the popularity of any website. It is based on the toolbar extension that users use on their browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. According to Alexa, the toolbar is used to access the information of their users, and check which website has more viewers. This toolbar information is used to calculate the Alexa Ranking.

There are billions of users around the world and some of them are used the Alexa toolbar extension and some not. But almost maximum users are using this toolbar extension, and the information collected by this toolbar is enough to calculate the ranking of any website.

How does Alexa Ranking Work?

As you know that Alexa's ranking is calculated based on the information that the Alexa toolbar is collect. This toolbar is an extension for famous browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. The toolbar is not used by almost all web users, and the ranking is not the true prediction but gives you an overview of their toolbar user's experience. In order to collect information from users, users need to install the Alexa toolbar extension.

What is the difference between Google Page Rank and Amazon Alexa Rank?

Webmasters around the world check their website ranking with these two tools Google analytics, and Alexa. Besides these two there are some other important analytical tools that are also available such as MOZ, Ahref, and SEMrush. The difference between them and Alexa is pretty big, as Alexa ranking is based on user engagement and traffic while other tool's ranking such as Google Analytics, Moz, Ahref, and SEMrush are based on keywords, backlinks, social signals, website security, responsiveness, domain age, PA, DA, user experience, brand signals, and on-page SEO.

Alexa just calculates the ranking based on user experience while Google page ranking and others are defined by multiple technical factors. But Alexa's ranking also gives you exact information as compared to others. While doing online business, people mostly refer to the Alexa ranking, this is very famous among web users.

Features of Alexa?

There are many features that make Alexa unique among other tools. Some unique features are listed below:

  • Global ranking based on user engagement, and traffic.

  • Alexa provides an overview of top keywords and their search traffic in percentage.

  • It shows the Audience Overlap score and similar sites with their ranking detail.

  • You can find SEO and content opportunities with keyword research, audience analysis, competitive analysis, content, and SEO audits.

  • Shows the percentage of visitors by the country.

  • Other site metrics such as engagement, daily time on site, and bounce rate.

  • Traffic sources such as social, referral, direct, and search engines.

  • Shows total backlinks of sites and site flow.

Unique Features of SEOToolsCloud's Alexa Rank Checker?

SEOToolsCloud is offering Alexa Rank Checker with unique features listed below:

  • Alexa Global Rank

  • Popularity Country

  • Alexa Regional Rank

  • Backlinks of site

  • Alexa Traffic Rank graph

  • Alexa Search Engine Traffic graph

Above are some unique features of our Alexa Rank Checker. The information that this tool provides is very useful for webmasters and SEO experts. For more detail and analysis of the website, you can use Alexa's official site.

How to use Alexa Rank Checker?

In order to use our Alexa Ranks Checker, follow the steps below:

  • Visit this tool by clicking on Alexa Rank Checker or navigate through SEOToolsCloud and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL of the website or type the URL into the box.

  • After entering the URL, hit enter or click on the "Submit" button.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.