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Article Rewriter is a tool used to rewrite or paraphrase text online. The term article is definitely the text, that's why it's called article rewriter as it rewrites the article. This tool is very effective and important for webmasters because webmasters need articles on regular basis, and it is too much hard for them to write articles on daily basis. It does not just reduce the effort of webmasters but also reduces the time.

You may have seen many websites especially blogs sites are regularly update their content. But you may wonder, how they do? Whether they hired some professional article/blog writer or them do it yourself? Well, you shouldn't be wonder because most of the sites on the internet use Article Rewriter. As a webmaster, you should use this tool to rewrite other's article and post into your website. This is pretty simple and easy.

What Article Rewriter?

Well, as we mentioned above the little detail about the article rephrase, you must have to know more about text spinner. It is the best automatic tool also known as Reword Text, and Paraphrase Tool) available to recreate or rewrite the text without changing the meaning of the original text and maintain the readability intact. This tool is very famous and important for website owners, students, teachers, and blog writers because this tool is used to rewrite the whole text.

Why Use Article Rephrase?

These days on the internet, people can find your product or post only by the means of Search Engines especially Google, and search engines reached your website only if you adopted the best practices of SEO. One of the major factors in SEO is the content your website contains.

Search engines regularly check the queries from users and then they find the suitable result consists of websites. Those websites are shown on the top which has quality text content for the users. If you have bad content that contains poor readability, lack of relevancy, and unable to understand then search engines will skip your site and you will not get your site ranked on search engines.

In order to get your site rank on Google and other search engines, you need good and quality text content that fulfills the user's requirements and easy to understand. writing this quality content is not so easy, it is a hard-working job to produce quality content that fulfills the user's requirement. Because writing is a skill and you need a professional writer to produce the content and it is very costly to hire a professional writer. 

On the other hand, if you are a student and want to write your assignment or thesis. You can't write the whole assignment by yourself, you need some help to take some part from previously written assignments. To tackle all these situations, you need an automatic tool that does your work without any intense effort. Luckily, you have this free tool on the internet, the Article Rewriter which helps you by reducing your effort and saving your time. All you have to do is copy the text which you want to rewrite and paste it into the box. You will get the result just in a very short time (few seconds).

Benefits of Rewriter Tool?

There are several benefits to use the article rewriter tool listed below:

  • Creating content manually is too hard for normal users, and also time-consuming as it takes hours to write the article. By using this tool you can save your time and effort, and reproduce the quality and unique content with-in a few seconds.

  • Online spinner tool always available on the internet, no matter where are sitting and what time it is. Just open our article rewriter tool and produce the content of your choice.

  • This tool can build-up your skills as it reproduces the content by replacing the words with their synonyms. You can even check your writing skills by comparing your manual work with automatically reproduced content.

  • By using this tool, you can just not save your time but you can save your money because professional writers have high fees and you might not afford them.

How to Create Quality Content using Word Spinner?

To create quality content while using a word spinner or article rewriter is not as easy as it looks. But by following some instructions, you can obtain the quality and unique content for your website or assignment.

The 1st thing is to get quality content related to the topic. Find the relevant content on the internet which got ranked high on the SERPs. Copy the article or some part of the text according to your needs. I focused on quality content because there is a reason behind that and the reason is very simple. If you rewrite the content it will change the words by their synonyms, and if you do not have quality content then it might be possible that the spinner may affect its readability.

Once you rewrite the text now read that text by yourself and check which word is changed, whether the changed words altered the meaning of the sentence or not. If you think the meaning is changed then rewrite the previous altered article. Repeat the practice of reading and checking the meaning of the sentence again. Repeat the process if you didn't find your best result.

Once you satisfied and understand that the article or text is good now and easy to understand, now check the article is unique or not with our Plagiarism Checker Tool. If the article is unique then you are good to go and if not then repeat the above practice or change the plagiarized content by yourself manually.

How to use our Article Rewriter?

In order to use this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Visit our rephrase tool by clicking on Article Rewriter or navigate through SEOToolsCloud's site and locate the tool by its name.

  • Copy and paste the text (Ctrl+V) into the box.

  • Hit enter or click on the "Submit" button.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.

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