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Class C Ip Checker is used to know how many domains shared the same class IP address. Everybody knows that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have assigned a unique address to each device that is connected to the internet and web browsers connect with these devices through that unique address called Internet Protocol (IP) Address.

The IP address is a 32-bit binary number but is shown in decimal numbers such as This is a simple example of an IP address and ISP are assigned numerous numbers for this purpose. This address is used for communication with the other devices connected to the network.

When you are using dynamic hosting provided by ISPs, it means that you and some other people use the same IP address for interaction with other devices on the internet. Almost all ISPs are providing dynamic class c IP addresses to their customers because they are cheaper and popular. The reason behind the dynamic IP addresses is that users are not using them 24/7.

Types of IP Address?

IP Addresses are divided into 5 classes listed below:

Class-A IP Address:
The leading bit of class-A IP is 0 and ends with 127. It's an 8-bit address and contains 128 numbers of networks. The address range is from to

Class-B IP Address:
The leading bit of class-B IP is 10 and it's a 16-bit address that contains a total of 16,384 number of networks. The address range is from to

Class-C IP Address:
The leading bit, in this case, is 110 and it's a 24-bit address that contains a total of 2,097,152 total number of networks. The address range is from to

Class-D IP Address:
It is a 32-bit network address ranging from to It is used for multicasting applications such as software distribution.

Class-E IP Address:
The range of class-E IP address is from to It is used for research and development and reserved for future use.

Why Use Class C IP Address Checker?

As you know that dynamic class C IP addresses are shared with many nodes on the internet, it can dangerous sometimes. If you are a webmaster and your website is hosted on a dynamic class-C IP address, it may possible that your website ranking will drop to zero.

The reason behind that is if someone uses the same IP address that you are using, and that someone has spamming or illegal sites then Google and other search engines may blacklist the IP address that he/she using. So if the IP address is blacklisted on Google, all the websites associated with this IP address will be blacklisted.

In contrast to the above-mentioned case, you should always check your website's IP address, whether some other site is using the same class-C IP or not. If yes then make sure that the site will not do spamming or other such activities. To know the exact status of IP, try our IP Address Checker tool.

How to Use Class C IP Checker?

In order to use our tool, follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on Class C IP Checker or navigate through SeoToolsCloud's site and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the domain name, you can enter domain names up to 40 domains.

  • Hit enter or click on the "Submit" button.

  • Wait for a few moments and you will get the results.

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