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Code to Text Ratio Checker is used to check the percentage of text to code ratio. The recommended ratio is from 25 to 75 percent from an SEO perspective.

Websites comprise two main factors, 1st is the code of the programming language in which the website is being developed, and 2nd the text content on the website. When web developers start developing websites they 1st used programming languages to make the website beautiful, easy for users, and responsive, these programming languages are called code. Once the website is ready the webmaster needs to add some text information to the website. This text information is the main factor because users want only text information and all the other arrangements such as making it beautiful and responsive are just for the ease of the user.

So whenever you start your website, you must ensure that you have rich text that means more text than code. The more the text the more will be the percentage, and more percentage is good for overall SEO. But when you filled your website with more code, links, and images, the page loading speed will be increased and your website ranking can be drop. Just remember one thing, the high percentage ratio is good for your website's overall SEO.

Why Use Webpage Text Ratio Checker?

Today, webmasters usually not design their own websites due to a lack of knowledge. They hire some developers and ask him/her to design the website. Developers usually don't know about SEO, they just know how to build a site, as they don't know about SEO they don't pay attention to what can affect the SEO. Web developers use a lot of code and make the site too heavy for loading, this means they don't maintain the balance between text and the code used on the website, as the result, your website becomes too slow while accessing users.

Users get frustrated while surfing slow websites, and hence they will leave your site and your site's bounce rate will increase. An increase in the Bounce rate may be awful for you and you will lose the ranking of your site on SERPs especially Google.

To counter this situation, you must know the text to code percentage ratio of your website. To check the ratio, try our text to code ratio. Our tool is 100 percent free and straightforward.

How to Increase the Code to Text Ratio?

It's arduous to increase the ratio of websites. As a webmaster, you must add more text to your website to increase this ratio. In other words, try to fill more rich content on your website pages. Several webmasters do this with multiple techniques.

1st, they add a comment section on their site so that anyone can easily comment on the site. Adding comments filled your webpages with rich content, and hence the code-to-text ratio will increase.

2nd, you can use forums on your site in which users can discuss different topics and your webpages will be filled with the content. Automatically, the ratio will increase.

What is meant by increase the text to code ratio? well, the increase in the ratio will make your website load faster, and decrease in bounce rate. And finally, your site can get the top ranking on Google and other search engines.

How to Use Code to Text Ration Checker?

In order to use our tool, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit our tool by clicking on Code to Text Ratio Checker or navigate through SeoToolsCloud's site and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the name of the domain name or URL.

  • Click on the "Submit" button or hit enter.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.

As a result, you will get the "Code to Text Ratio", Total content size, and total HTML size.

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