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Domain to IP is a handy and unique tool that will tell you the IP address of your domain along with the ISP name and country name in which your website is hosted. This tool is informative and provides you enough information regarding your domain or website. As you know IP address is a unique address containing numbers and assigned to every device that is connected to the internet. This address is very useful in many ways.

However, there are various methods to find the IP address of the domain such as typing the "ping" command in cmd. But with this tool, you will not just know the IP address of your website but also know the ISP name (your hosting service provider) and country name (in which your website is being hosted). Try our IP converter tool now and experience the ease to extract your website's IP address.

Why Use IP Converter?

Although, this tool is simple and easy. But have the ability to provide you much information regarding any given domain. You may wonder why this tool is so necessary? With this tool, you can not even know the IP address which is definite but you will also know some other information such as country name where the website is being hosted, and ISP name - the hosting service provider of your website.

You can also check your competitor's websites, by checking their sites, you will know their ISP. Why check competitor's websites ISPs? Just think a little, if you are experiencing a slow loading speed of your website or overall slow response than your competitor's websites, there may be one factor that is affecting your site, and that factor called hosting service provider (ISP). There is a high chance that your hosting is slow as compared to your competitor's site due to the hosting service that you are using right now.

You can try to change your hosting ISP to a new one that your competitors are using, this way you can compete with your competitors. Thanks to IP converter tool that let you know the detail of your website and your competitor's website also.

Advantages of IP Finder?

There are various advantages of this tool, some are listed above, but here I'll discuss only the main advantages of this tool. Following are the main benefits of this tool.

  • You can know the IP address of your website.

  • You can know the country name in which your site is being hosted.

  • You can know the hosting service provider's (ISP) name.

  • You can check whether 2 different websites are hosted on the same IP address or not.

  • You can compare your site with your competitor's site.

How to Use Domain to IP?

In order to use this tool, follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Visit our tool by clicking on the Domain to IP or navigate and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL of the website.

  • Click on the "Submit" button or hit enter.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.

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