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Try our Google Cache Checker now to check your webpage has been cached by Google or not. It will show you the exact date and time in which Google saves the cached version of your website.

Google sends their bots to almost every website and crawls its links. Once bots crawl the webpages, they store the screenshot of webpages into the server. This tool is used to tell users when the last time Google has cached the website or webpage, you can also verify whether you recently posted specific page or post of the website is indexed by Google or not.

What is Cache?

The cache is a term used for temporary memory which stores the data temporarily so that it can be retrieved in the future. It reduces the effort of hardware and software to access the data, it is fast retrieval when someone requested the stored data.

In terms of Google, it is a memory in which the website's data is stored temporarily. When someone visits any site on the browser, Google saves the website information on the servers so that when any other user on the internet opens that specific site, he/she can access the website instantly. Certainly, it reduces the effort of the browser and also reduces data usage, which is a good factor.

How Google Cache Works?

The search engine giant Google holds the information of almost every website on the internet. It can be done with the help of Google bots, these bots crawl nearly every site available on the internet. After crawling, they save the snapshot of the website on the servers. Bots usually crawl the websites on random intervals but if you regularly update your site, they crawl your site on daily basis. Every time bots crawl the site they store all the information on that webpage along with date and time, you can say they stored the cached version of the site.

Now let's come to the other part. When users visit that specific site stored in Google servers, the site opens quickly as the data is stored in the cache servers. Also, the bandwidth usage decreased, in other words, you need fewer bandwidth data to access that site.

Why Use Google Page Cache Checker?

A cache analyzer is a handy tool for webmasters and SEO experts. It's a valuable tool to check whether your webpages are indexed in Google or not. It can also tell you the date and time when the site is cached. It's an important tool to keep track of all of your webpages indexed or not. If any of your site's pages is not indexed, the message "Not Cached" will be shown under the status column and if the page is indexed then the exact time and date will be shown under the status column.

The importance of cached pages can be understood with examples. Let's imagine, if you are a webmaster and you want to move your site to another hosting, the change in DNS will take almost 24 hrs to take effect. During this time, your user can access the site only if your site's cached version is stored on Google servers. And if your website or specific webpage not indexed in Google, your visitors can't visit your site because no data is saved on the servers.

On the other hand, if you are an SEO expert and you want to check whether your webpages are indexed or not, you can do it manually, which is indeed hard-working and time-consuming, but with Google Cache Analyzer you can immediately check which pages are indexed and which are not.

How to Use Google Cache Checker?

In order to use our tool, follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on the Google Cache Checker or navigate through the SeoToolsCloud's site and locate the tool by its name.

  • Enter the link of your site or a specific page. This tool allows you the check the links in bulk, you can enter up to 20 links at a time.

  • After entering, click on the "Submit" button or hit enter.

  • Wait for a few moments and you will get the results.

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