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Keyword Density Checker is used to check all the keywords that exist on your website. This tool can extract all the keywords from your webpage and also provide you information such as frequency of keywords, and the total percentage of keywords that are available in your webpage.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the ratio between the frequency of keywords inside the content of the webpage and the total word count. Although there is no exact number is defined by any authority but most SEO experts believed that keyword density should be around 1 to 2%. This means that the targeted keyword should appear about 1 to 2 times in 100 words article. If you exceeding this percent, Search Engines especially Google will consider this as Keyword Stuffing, which means you're forcing Google to rank the keywords and this is very bad for your website.

Why Use Keyword Density Analyzer?

As we discussed above that you can find all the keywords available on your site and also get the detail about the frequency of each keyword with Keyword Density Analyzer. Now, the important part is why we need such a tool? or why we need to use Density Checker? Well, Google ranks the site based on proper keyword usage. But what happens if you force Google to rank your site? If you're forcing Google by using too many identical keywords, Google will outrank your site or you may lose all your website traffic and in extreme cases, your site can be black-listed.

To avoid above mentioned situation, you must use keywords in your posts properly and don't use too many identical keywords.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

If you're using too many identical or same keywords in a post, it's known as Keyword Stuffing. Keyword Stuffing is bad for your website's overall SEO. Today, Search Engines, especially Google are very smart, they use artificial intelligence in their algorithm. If you do keyword stuffing on your website, Google will definitely penalize your website.

When to Use Keyword Density Analyzer?

This tool is very useful and helpful when you:

  • Want to get the detail of all keywords used in your webpage or website.

  • Want to perform competitor keyword research, and extract the keywords from your competitor's website.

  • Want to check whether your website is over-optimized or check keyword stuffing in your site. Because Google algorithm Panda tool is specifically designed to keep low-quality content away from search results and keyword stuffing also included in low-quality content.

How to Use Keyword Density Checker?

In order to use this tool effectively, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on the Keyword Density Checker or navigate through SEOToolsCloud's site and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL of the website.

  • Now click on the "Submit" button and wait for a few moments, you'll get the results.

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