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Link Analyzer is designed by SEOToolsCloud with the intention of analysis of your website or any webpage links. With this tool, you can know the total links of your website including the detail of internal and external links.

It also gives you the detail on whether these links are dofollow or nofollow. Audit your website now for a detailed analysis of your site. Do you know the external dofollow links can harm your site? possibly blacklisted by search engines especially by Google. Well, you should always check your site to avoid such problems.

You can audit your site by using our free Links Explorer tool. This tool is simple, easy, and can give you a detailed report of your website's links. Even you can export the result in excel by clicking on the "Export as CSV". So don't waste your precious time and analyze your site now.

What is the Importance of Link Explorer?

Link Explorer is a great tool to explore your site, it is able to give you all the detail regarding the links of your website. Whether links are inbound or outbound you can have all the information and detail of your website's links. Analysis of any website is important if you are involved in activities where external links are not allowed. In some niches, external links are not allowed by Google, otherwise, your site will be blacklisted by Google.

To check whether your site contains external links or not, you must audit your site with this explorer tool. It will also tell you whether the links are nofollow or dofollow. Because dofollow links are crucial for your site, they can harm your site or they can make your site up on SERPs. Your site can get suffer a serious loss if you use external links with dofollow attribute, but this is happening with just a few niches.

Moreover, this tool is also important for webmasters, to checker whether your website contains any spam and hidden links or not. You can also check which other site is referring to your site or simply backlinks. Use this tool to analyze your site's link quality as it does count the ranking of your site on SERPs.

Do you want to analyze your competitor's site? Of course, everyone wants to know the secrets of their competitors. You are in the right place, with our analyzer tool, you can audit your competitor's site within no time, and manage your site accordingly.

Information That Link Explorer Provide:

This handy tool is beneficial for webmasters and SEO experts. By using this tool, you can have the following information:

  • Number of Total Links

  • The number of Internal Links (Inbound Links) with detail of attributes (Nofollow/Dofollow), also URLs of all internal links.

  • The number of External Links (Outbound Links) with detail of attributes (Nofollow/Dofollow), also list of the URLs of all external links.

  • Number of NoFollow Links

Above is the information that this tool can provide you, besides this, there one more option available for your ease. That is, you can save the result file in excel, by clicking on the "Export As CSV" at the end of the result.

How to use Link Analyzer?

In order to proper use of this tool, follow the steps listed below:

  • Visit the tool by clicking on the Link Analyzer or navigate through SeoToolsCloud's site and locate the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL of your site or copy/paste the URL.

  • After entering the URL, now hit enter or click on the "Submit" button.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.

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