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Check your website ranking with our MozRank Checker, with this tool you can check the ranking of your website along with Domain Authority score and Page Authority score. It is the best available tool along with others such as Ahref, and SEMrush. Track your website ranking and performance on SERPs to know which factor of your website needs improvement, also you can check your competitor's website ranking to analyze the gap between your site and theirs, once you get the results then you can build new strategies to improve your site's ranking.

What is MozRank?

MozRank is a term used by a famous web analytics site with plenty of SEO tools to determine the ranking of any site. Rank is generated by considering many factors such as link popularity score, and the number of quality links. It is measured in numbers from 0 to 10 and represents the link importance on your website.

Basically, MozRank is a tool developed by SEOMoz - a team of SEO experts. The ranking is calculated in a very simple way, the more inbound links your website/webpage has, the higher MozRank will be.

What is the difference between PageRank and MozRank?

The basic difference between these two is one is a term of Google and the other is the term of Moz - Online SEO Community. Both are measure in numbers from 0 to 10 but these two terms owned by different companies. PageRank depends on backlinks from other sites that have high Page Rank. Although the Moz Rank is based on the ability of websites to compile links from other popular sites.

To improve PageRank, you need a lot of effort and work. Unlike PageRank, MozRank can be improved with just a little effort and work from 0 to 5 and need more effort and work to go beyond 5.

Why Consider MozRank?

Well, why should you consider MozRank? how it is important when Google PR is considering more? To know why to consider this, you must know what is MozRank and how it is calculated. As I discussed above, it is a true representation of your site's quality backlinks. The more quality backlinks your site will have, the more link authority your website will have.

It is ideal to consider for the following reasons:

  • The indicator of link authority - Search engines do not rely on Moz Rank but on the authority of the links. And MozRank is a true depiction of the Link Authority of any webpage.

  • Find your competitors - You can get a detailed overview with MozRank as you can find the powerful keywords and pages of your competitors. Once you find the gap, you can then play your game by filling it with better SEO strategies.

  • Find the quality links to your competitors - You can find the sites that linked to your competitor's sites and can know their authority such as DA and PA. Once you find out the list of high authority links, you can then approach those high authority sites. As you know search engines such as Google rely on high authority links, once your site links to those high authority websites, search engines will likely to get you on the top of SERPs

How to Use the MozRank Checker Tool?

To know how to use our free tool, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit our tool by clicking on MozRank Checker or visit SEOToolsCloud and find the tool by its name.

  • Enter the URL or copy/paste the URL of the website.

  • After entering the site's URL, hit enter or click on the submit button.

  • Wait for a second and you will get the result.

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