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URL Rewriting Tool is used to rewrite the dynamic URL into a static URL. Rewriting the URL is a common practice amongst webmasters and SEO experts. The need to convert dynamic URLs into static ones has come from a mindset as static URLs are much easy to remember for users and also easy to bookmark the URLs.

If you are using dynamic URLs, try to convert them into static as it's so easy to understand, and increase the clickthrough rate (CTR). Try our free tool now and make your URL into a short one.

What is the Difference Between Static and Dynamic URLs?

A static URL is one that contains simple real-world text and does not contain any URL parameter or interactive elements based on the background data of a remote server. A simple example of a static URL is http://www.example.com/archive/july.htm. Static URLs are more user-friendly than dynamic URLs. Static URLs are easy to understand, and also increase the CTR (Clickthrough Rate). Static URLs are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Static sites are easy to develop, and cost-efficient to operate.

On the other hand, Dynamic URLs are complex, long, and difficult to remember. It contains interactive web elements such as ?,&, etc. The websites that have dynamic URLs are stored in big servers, difficult to manage, and used for big companies and businesses. Dynamic websites have more user-friendly, enrich features, and easy to operate. Hosting dynamic sites is expensive and also difficult to develop and maintain these sites.

Why Convert Dynamic URLs into Static URLs?

Rewriting the URLs into static URLs is very common among webmasters and SEO experts. The reason for that is really simple. As you all know that dynamic URLs are long, complex, and hard to remember. That's why webmasters rewrite the dynamic URL into a static one.

Static URLs are easy to understand and are very user-friendly. It increases the clickthrough rate (CTR) and is SEO-friendly. It's hard to convert the dynamic URL into static by yourself, but with our URL converter, you can easily convert the dynamic URL into static.

How to Access Webpage using Rewritten URL?

To access the webpage, you need to put the converted URL into the file called ".htaccess", if you don't have the file then create the file and paste the generated URL into the file ".htaccess". Now copy that file into your web directory. This rewriting will only work if you have hosted the site on Linux Apache Web Servers.

How to Use URL Rewriting Tool?

In order to use this tool, just follow the steps below:

  • Visit our tool by clicking on the "URL Rewriting Tool" or navigate the SeoToolsCloud's site and locate the tool by its name.

  • Enter the dynamic URL into the box.

  • Hit enter or click on the "Submit" button.

  • Wait for a few seconds and you will get the result.

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